Get started with Trek and E-Commerce

Take your business to the next level by learning how to integrate Trek products into your e-commerce platform.

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Updated at August 7th, 2023

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Take your business to the next level by learning how to integrate Trek products into your e-commerce platform. See the Get started with Locally integration article for details on setting up this service.


  • Brand e-commerce (click and collect) - Customers use the “add to cart” button on to order products from Trek's warehouse. If the customer ordered a bike, it will then be shipped to the dealer of the customer’s choice. That dealer will build and deliver the bike (if applicable) and receive a commission from Trek for the products. These transactions do NOT connect directly with Ascend.  Visit Trek eCommerce Integration (non-Locally) to see how to record them in your Ascend system.
  • Locally - Locally shares a dealers’ available in-store inventory to consumers. With Locally, the customer is transacting directly with the dealer, even when the order starts on


Q: How do I display my product availability on
A: Product availability uses the Locally inventory and pricing feed. For more details, see the Send inventory & pricing information to Locally article.
Note: Be sure to read Trek’s General Internet Sales Policy (GISP) and sign/return the internet rider to ensure you’re approved.

Q: How do I account for Trek e-commerce sales?
A: Sales from use the Locally platform. See the Process eCommerce sales article for details. 

Q: How do I handle Trek e-commerce returns or exchanges?
A: If the order was reserved and paid in store (ROPIS), simply process the return (see Complete a return article) or exchange the item (see Exchange a product for a customer article) as normal. If the order was fully paid online (BOPIS), check out the Return a purchase made via Locally article for more information. 

Q: How do I account for service commission payments?
A: All sales from are processed through Locally using your stock levels. All payments (minus sales tax) will deposit to your account. For Brand e-commerce (click and collect), follow the instructions here: Trek eCommerce Integration (non-Locally).

Q: Are customer bikes automatically registered for Trek Care?
A: Bike registration for Trek e-commerce/Locally orders follow the same process as those bought in store. For details, see the Register bikes with Trek during transactions article.  

Q: How do I complete Product Setup for Brand e-commerce (click and collect)?
A: Follow the instructions at Trek eCommerce Integration (non-Locally)