Set up reports to deliver automatically

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Updated at September 14th, 2023

For some of the reports in the Reports area of Ascend, you can schedule the report to be run and delivered to you (or anyone else) automatically.

Not all reports can be scheduled this way, but we are working on adding more to that list all the time! If a report is able to be scheduled, it will have an active Delivery icon near the top of the window.

Screenshot with the Delivery icon highlighted

Some reports that can be set for automatic delivery include:

  • Activity Summary,
  • Time Clock,
  • Inventory by Category Summary,
  • Customer Liability Details,
  • Orphaned Vendor Products,
  • Products Sold With Cost Greater than MSRP,
  • Sales By Day,
  • And many more.

Schedule a report for automatic delivery

  1. Select the Reports icon on the Ascend desktop.
  2. Highlight the report you'd like to schedule.
  3. Check that the Delivery icon is active. If it's active, you can schedule this report.
  4. Click the Delivery icon.
  5. Fill out the Time section.
    1. Choose the time you want the report to run from the dropdown menu.
      Screenshot with the Time dropdown highlighted
  6. Fill out the Recurrence Pattern section.
    1. Decide if you want the report to run Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
    2. Fill out the information to the right (for example, if you select Monthly, you could fill out the first Monday of every 1 month(s)).
      Screenshot with the Recurrence Pattern section highlighted
  7. Fill out the Delivery Method section. You can set up multiple delivery methods.
    1. If you'd like, enter any Email addresses you want to send the report to. You can send it to multiple email addresses by dividing them with a comma (,) or semicolon (;).
      Screenshot with the Delivery Method section highlighted and the Email tab open
    2. If you'd like, select a Local folder on the server where you'd like to save the report.
      Note: This option can only be selected on your server (database) computer.
      Screenshot with the Delivery Method section highlighted and the Local tab open
    3. If you'd like, fill in the information for an FTP site you'd like to save the report to.
      Screenshot with the Delivery Method section highlighted and the FTP tab open
    4. If you'd like, go to Print and check the box for Print Report to Report Printer.
      Screenshot with the Delivery Method section highlighted and the Print tab open
  8. Fill out the Report Parameters section, if needed.
    1. This typically includes setting a date range to run the report for.
      Screenshot with the Report Parameters section highlighted
  9. Click Save.
    Your report is now scheduled for delivery.

Test report delivery

Select the Test Delivery icon on the Schedule Report Delivery window to verify your delivery is working.

Screenshot with the Test Delivery button highlighted

Cancel a scheduled report

  1. Select the Reports icon on the Ascend desktop.
  2. Find and highlight the report.
  3. Click the Delivery icon.
  4. Click the Cancel Future Deliveries icon.
    Screenshot with the Cancel Future Deliveries button highlighted
    Your report will no longer be delivered automatically.

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