Ascend HQ FAQs

Written By Ascend knowledge base (Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2023

Q: How do I sign up my store for Ascend HQ?

A: Make sure you are on the December 2018 version or later of Ascend.

Your data just needs to be migrated to our Stratus platform on Microsoft Azure. We are working hard to migrate data of the locations that have updated to the on a daily basis. To ensure your data gets migrated as quickly as possible, leave Ascend running on your server computer at all times. It can be on the login screen as long as you've logged in at least once since the program was launched!

Q: Why isn't my Ascend HQ site ready?

A: There's a few reasons your site may not be ready. Start by checking these items:

  • All your locations need to be on the December 2018 version of Ascend or later.
  • Ascend needs to be running (and logged into) on your server machine (at all locations).
  • Some retailers may need a special version of the December 2018 release (18.2.204) so your sales data can be migrated - ensure you've run all Ascend updates that are available for your store (see Install an Ascend update

Q: How do I create a login for Ascend HQ?

A: Check out our article Access Ascend HQ to get started.

Q: What if I forget my password for Ascend HQ?

A: On the login page, just click the Forgot Password? link. You'll be sent an email to reset your password.

Q: How are the metrics calculated?

A: Check out Ascend HQ Analytics Metrics to see how all the metrics are calculated.

Q: Can I change the target categories in my reports?

A: We are currently working on adding an area to Ascend HQ where you can change the target categories for reports.

Q: What browsers can I use to access Ascend HQ?

A: Current versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are supported. However, your browser MUST be be kept up-to-date with the latest version.