See sales totals for my customers

Written By Ascend knowledge base (Administrator)

Updated at March 20th, 2023

You can easily identify if a customer has an outstanding balance, or has credit, at your store. Whether you're in a transaction or in the customer's record, Ascend makes it easy.

There are multiple locations where you can view:

  • Sales - their total for completed sales
  • Layaways - their total balance for open sales
  • Work Order - their total balance in the service center
  • Deposits - their available deposit balance
  • Gift Cert - their available Gift Certificate balance (which should be in parentheses, indicating a negative balance)
  • In-Store Credit - their available In-Store Credit balance (which should also be in parentheses, indicating a negative balance) 
  • Balance - they customer's outstanding Layaway/Work Order balances minus any Deposit/In-Store Credit balances.

In the customer record

Navigate to Database Explorer > Customers and find your customer.

If you highlight the customer's name, you can see their account balances along the bottom of the window.

Screenshot of Customers window with account balances along the bottom of the window highlighted

If you double-click a customer's name to open their customer record, you can see the same information on the lower right.

Screenshot of the Edit Customer window with account balances in the bottom right highlighted

In a transaction

If you're in a transaction, make sure to attach a customer to the sale. Then, look in the lower right portion of the window, under the Sales tab, to see their balances.

Screenshot of a transaction, the bottom right is highlighted to show where you find customer balances