Ascend Pay - Pay by Link walkthrough

Use Pay by Link to securely accept payments over the phone or when a customer doesn't have their card on them

Written By CJ Edwards (Collaborator)

Updated at May 28th, 2024

Before you begin

  • To use Pay by Link, you must be signed up for Ascend Pay.  Not signed up?  Click here to get started! 
  • You can only use Pay by Link if you have a Verifone P400 Plus terminal assigned to your workstation.  Click here to learn how to assign a terminal to your workstation. 
  • You must have a Customer with a valid Email Address and/or Phone Number assigned to the transaction for Pay by Link to function.

Pay by Link Walkthrough

  1. Once all items have been added to a transaction, click Ascend Pay.
  2. Select Payment Link on the Payment window.

  1. Choose Email or SMS (text) based on the customer's preference.


  1. The customer will receive a text or an email with a link to process the Payment Request within 30 seconds.
    1. Instruct the customer to click the link.

  1. The customer must now Accept the Terms & Conditions.

  1. Have the customer enter in their card number and hit Pay.

  1. Once the payment has processed, you will see that the payment was Approved in the Comments column within the payment details section in the Ascend client.



Note:  Do not close the Payment window before the customer's payment has been approved.

If you close the Payment window in Ascend before the customer's payment is accepted, the link will expire for the customer.  This is by design.  You will have to start the process over at Step 1.