Ascend Pay - Setup 1: Overview, Prep, and FAQ

How to get started with Ascend Pay!

Written By Eddy Cevilla (Administrator)

Updated at May 30th, 2024

Before you begin

You'll need a few important business, bank, and identification documents to complete your onboarding process. 

  • Company details
    • The legal name of the organization
    • The registration number
      • US: Tax ID/EIN (Federal - 9 Digits.  No Spaces.)
      • Canada: Business Number (BN)
      • UK: Registered Company Number and VAT Number
    • The registered address and the principal place of business, if different from their registered address
      • US: CP 575 (IRS doc), W9 (hand signed), or a Tax return may be required.
      • Canada: Certificate of Incorporation may be required.
      • UK: Certificate of Incorporation may be required.
    • The ultimate beneficial owners, controllers, and signatories
  • Bank details
    • The bank account details for payouts (including account and routing numbers)
    • A bank statement or letter 
  • Decision makers: As part of the checks for an organization, Ascend Pay also verifies the identity of all individuals that are associated with the organization. We refer to these individuals as ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) through ownership or control, directors, and signatories. The table below describes the criteria for identifying them, and the minimum required number for each.
Who Criteria Required number of individuals
UBOs through ownership Individuals who directly or indirectly own 25% or more of the total shares, voting rights or other equity in the organization. Between zero to four. Ascend Pay requires information about all individuals that fit the criteria.

If no one owns 25% or more of the organization, then information must be provided about UBOs through control.
UBOs through control Any individuals who exercise ultimate effective control in making decisions for the whole organization. If such an individual cannot be identified, then members of senior management must be identified as UBOs through control. At least one. Required if no one fits the criteria of UBO through ownership, or if the organization is operating in the United States.
Signatories Officers or representatives who legally represent the organization towards Ascend Pay and are authorized to enter a binding agreement with Ascend Pay on behalf of their organization. At least one.
Directors Only applicable if the legal entity of the organization is located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, or Singapore. A natural person responsible, individually or collectively as part of a board, for the overall governance and strategic direction of an organization. Every director of the company.

IMPORTANT!  If your business is a sole proprietorship, please contact Ascend sales or support prior to starting the registration process.   


Onboarding process overview


Fill out your Legal Entity Details and register locations. 

Order hardware

Order your payment terminal hardware here!  We'll connect with you to confirm final order details.

Install and get paid

Follow our easy guide to install your hardware and enable your Ascend workstations to start taking payments.

QuickBooks users take note!

You MUST update your system so that payments are mapped accordingly.  Follow these instructions to make sure your reporting is accurate.


Ascend Pay FAQs

What is Ascend Pay?

Ascend Pay is a fully integrated payment solution that lets you process all the payment types your customers prefer, including credit, debit, mobile, and pay-by-link directly on your POS. No need for third-party hardware or software, no risk of errors or discrepancies, no wasted time or money. 

What are Ascend Pay's primary benefits?
  • One integration for all of your payments
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and LIVE support during all business hours
  • Less room for errors
  • Fast, easy, and secure
  • No setup or monthly fees
What payment types are supported? Credit, Debit, E-Wallets, Contactless NFC, Chip & Swipe cards.
Is gift card processing included?

No. Gift card processing is currently not included with Ascend Pay.

  • Gift card processing will be offered in the future.
  • US retailers already integrated with Chase through Ascend will continue to use their current gift cards.  You will need to manually enter the Gift Card Numbers into Ascend instead of swiping.
  • All other retailers will need to keep their current gift card processing, including terminals if needed, until our future solution is provided.
What payment terminals do I need? Ascend Pay supports Verifone P400 Plus countertop terminals shipped and sold by Ascend. Click here to order and learn more.
What does it cost?

For common transactions, we charge a fixed processing fee + a fee determined by the payment method. For further details, please let us know a good time to connect with you for a personalized rate comparison:


United States


United Kingdom






How do I sign up? Use the list above to gather the necessary onboarding documents, then click here to visit Ascend HQ and get started.
How do I order terminals? Once you've completed your onboarding on Ascend HQ, click here to order your payment terminal hardware from our website. We'll connect with you to confirm final order details upon approval.
What reporting options are available? Click here to learn how to access current Ascend Pay payment reporting features.

* Terms and conditions apply. Allowed payment methods and pricing vary by country. See rate card for full pricing details. Terms and conditions and rate card will be available at launch.


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