Recommended Steps for Updating AscendScan on the Unitech EA520

Written By Ascend knowledge base (Administrator)

Updated at February 2nd, 2023

Use the steps below to update from v4.1.1 to v4.1.2

  1. Start AscendScan.
  2. Obtain a new, valid lease (even if the device indicates it already has a valid lease)
    1. Navigate to Utilities > Network and press SCAN QR CODE
    2. Scan an applicable QR code (displayed from an Ascend RMS workstation)
      Screenshot of AscendScan that says "Please scan a QR code being displayed from an Ascend RMS client"
  3. Once a new, valid lease is obtained, check for an application update on the mobile device
    1. Navigate to Utilities > About and press CHECK FOR UPDATES
    2. If an update is available, select YES to continue
      Screenshot of Confirmation Request pop up that says "Would you like to download and install it now?" with Yes and No options
    3. If you are presented with a “System Information” dialog, continue with step 3.d.; otherwise, go to step 3.e.
    4. When the System Information dialog is presented, this indicates that the Install Unknown Apps permission must be enabled for AscendScan. Press OK on this dialog page and then enable Allow from this source on the Install unknown apps page.
      Screenshot of System Information dialogue with an OK button
      Screenshot of  Install unknown apps page with slider next to the words "Allow from this source"
      Note: after enabling the Install unknown apps setting and navigating back to AscendScan, the app will automatically restart.
      Screenshot that says "Device Configuration Has Changed. If AscendScan does not automatically restart within the next 15 seconds, manually close the app and restart it."
      Screenshot of Initialization Checklist that says "Available System Memory, Available Data Storage, Ascend Agent is Accessible"
      Once AscendScan is running again, navigate back to the Utilities > About page to re-initiate the app update process; then continue with the next step (3.e.)
    5. The app download and installation process is initiated
      Screenshot that says, "Downloading Update, Please Wait..."
    6. After the download completes, another dialog is presented asking if you want to install an update to the existing application; press INSTALL to continue
      Screenshot with pop up that says "AscendScan. Do you want to install an update to this existing application? Your existing data will not be lost" with an option for Install and one for Cancel
    7. After the app finishes installing, press DONE
      Screenshot with a pop up that says "AscendScan. App installed." With a button that says Done and one that says Open
  4. Once the installation is complete, close the existing AscendScan app if it is still running
    1. Press the square navigation button found at the lower right of the display (highlighted with a red square in the screenshot below)
    2. If AscendScan appears, close it by swiping it up and off the screen; if the Install Unknown Apps page (from step 3.d.) is also present, swipe it off the screen as well
      Screenshot with Ascend scan in the middle of the screen
  5. Next, restart the mobile device
  6. After the device has restarted, launch AscendScan and verify that the update succeeded
    1. Navigate to Utilities >About
    2. Press CHECK FOR UPDATES to verify that the latest version of the app is installed
      Screenshot with a button that says "Check for updates"
      Screenshot with a popup that says "System Information. App is up to date!" and a button that says OK
  7. AscendScan has now been updated on the Unitech EA520.