Using the Ascend HQ Time Clock report

Written By Ascend knowledge base (Administrator)

Updated at February 2nd, 2023

The Time Clock report on Ascend HQ lets you keep track of your employees’ hours worked and can be exported as a spreadsheet for easy import into payroll software. (multi-store retailers) The report can be run for multiple locations, so employees who work at several stores can be accounted for without requiring someone to manually add up numerous report values.

All employees who have Time Clock records in Ascend during the selected timeframe, regardless of whether or not they’re “completed.” Click an employee’s name to display details for individual records. Records missing either a Start Time or End Time display in red text.

By default, employees display in alphabetical order and hours display as numerical values. Click the Employee and/or Hours column header to resort as desired. Check Show Minutes instead of Decimals to display Hours in time (h:mm) format.