Using the Cloud Product Catalog

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Updated at March 28th, 2023

Cloud Catalog Form Details

  • The Hide Local/ Show Local button is a toggle that hides local products that match the search item (on the Hide Local setting) and shows the local products which are greyed out and will not be selectable (on the Show Local setting). Use it to compare local products with what's in Cloud Product Catalog.
  • Vendor/Supplier is preselected.
  • Searches can be done by Description, VPN or UPC by using the dropdown menu. For VPN and UPC you must use the exact value. Description can be searched by entering three (3) or more characters.
  • When the search brings up an item with a light pink highlighted row, that means your store has an in-store product that is not associated with a vendor. If you decide to bring it to your store, it adds a vendor product from the cloud to your database.
  • The Add button adds the selected products to your store.
  • The Add & Order button adds selected products to your store and also adds it to PO.
  • The Close button closes the form and takes you back to the previous screen.

Product Highlighted in Red

Screenshot of the Cloud Catalog with a product highlighted in red

  • If you see a product highlighted in red like the image above, it means the product exists in your store, but doesn’t have a vendor product associated to it.
  • If you choose to add this to your store, the vendor product will link itself to the existing in-store product.
  • To perform this link, click Yes on the pop up window displayed below.

Screenshot of a pop up with "You are about to update [SKU number]. Do you really want to Override?"

From the Ascend Desktop, you can access Cloud Catalog from the Order, Sale, and DB Explorer windows.

Screenshot of the Ascend main page with Order, Sale, and DB Explorer icons circled

From the Order Screen

  1. Search for the product that needs to be placed on order. This will bring up the existing form that lists the products that are in your store. If the product is not in your store, there is an option to check the Cloud Catalog form by clicking the new Cloud Catalog button. This Cloud Catalog button shows up only if the Supplier has a Cloud Catalog Mapped to the selected supplier.
    Screenshot of Select Vendor Product pop up with Cloud Catalog button circled in red.
  2. Clicking on Cloud Catalog Button brings up the Cloud Catalog Form. Click Add to add the products to your database. Click Add to Order to add the products to your database and your order.
    Screenshot of the Cloud Catalog window
  3. Multiple items can be selected by holding the Shift + Ctrl keys on your keyboard. A maximum of 15 products can be selected at once.
    Screenshot of products selected and a pop up over them that says "You cannot select more than 15 Products at a time"
  4. When an item is added to your store or to the PO, it gives the option to map the category before adding to your store.
    Screenshot of Products with No Category

Cloud Catalog in the Sales Screen

  1. When searching for a product to add to your transaction, click the Cloud Catalog button on the bottom right.
    Screenshot of Select Product with an arrow pointing to the Cloud Catalog button
  2. Choose a Vendor
  3. Verify the Search criteria
  4. Choose the product you want to sell. Note: You can only choose one product from the Sales Screen Cloud Catalog
  5. Click Add to Sale
    Screenshot with a 2 next to the Vendor dropdown, a 3 next to the Search By dropdown, a 4 next to the list of products, and a 5 next to the Add to Sale button.

Cloud Catalog in Database Explorer

In Database Explorer, under Products, there is an option to open the Cloud Catalog by clicking on the Catalog icon. This will bring up the catalog form.

  • You have to select the Vendor before searching for a product
  • You can choose up to 15 product records to bring into your store. Note: This will only bring the products into your local database. It will NOT add them to an order or a transaction
  • Click Add to add the selected products and perform another search
  • Click Add & Done to add the products and exit the Cloud Catalog window