Set up Ascend to import (download) ecommerce sales

Written By Ascend knowledge base (Administrator)

Updated at October 2nd, 2023

Note: Ascend’s eCommerce integration is designed for use with the Workstand and Locally website platforms.

User Permissions

Users who will be processing eCommerce sales require the following user permissions:

  • eCommerce Import
  • Advanced Payments

Settings & Options

  1. From the Ascend Desktop, click the Options tile.
  2. Select the eCommerce Import tab.
  3. From the provider dropdown, select the appropriate option.
    1. Workstand:
      1. Check Turn on eCommerce Sales Import.
      2. In the Download Order URL field, enter the value from your eCommerce website provider.
      3. In the Confirm Receipt URL field, enter the value from your eCommerce website provider.
      4. The Change Status URL field is not currently used.
      5. (Multi-store retailers) In the Multi-Store Location Name field, enter the Location Name as specified on your eCommerce website.
      6. (Multi-store retailers) Check This is the Primary eCommerce Location at the location which should download sales which are shipped to customers.
        Note: Only check this option at one location. In-store pickup sales automatically download to the appropriate location.
        Screenshot of eCommerce import window with SmartEtailing highlighted, the box checked next to Turn on eCommerce Sales Support, the Download Order URL and Confirm Receipt URL highlighted. Also highlighted is the box under Multi-Store Location Name and the checked box next to This is the Primary eCommerce Location
    2. Locally:
      1. Check Enabled.
      2. In the Store ID field, enter your location’s Locally store ID. Note: This ID can be found at the end of your store URL (e.g.{123456}) or in your inventory feed email address (e.g. feeds.{123456}
        Screenshot of eCommerce Import window with Locally dropdown highlighted, the box next to Enabled highlighted and checked, and the Store ID box highlighted
  4. Click the OK button.