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Updated at November 6th, 2023

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Locally integration is available in the April 2021 version of Ascend.

Why invest in eCommerce? The majority of customers expect to find product information online before they buy. This is not a fad. It represents a permanent shift in consumer behavior. Many outdoor retailers have learned that investing in their website produces a greater return on investment than any other marketing activity. In fact, the effectiveness of all other advertising is increased by leading consumers to an impressive website that further convinces them to visit the store.

Note: Ascend’s eCommerce integration is designed for use with the Workstand and Locally website platforms.

  1. Export (upload) product information
    1. Set up your inventory and pricing feed. Article: Set up Ascend to export (upload) products to an ecommerce website 
    2. Inventory and pricing information automatically updates. Article: Export (upload) product information to an eCommerce website 
  2. Import (download) website sales
    1. Set up to accept eCommerce orders. Article: Set up Ascend to import (download) ecommerce sales 
    2. Process orders from your website. Article: Process eCommerce sales 
    3. (Locally) Process returns online. Article: Return a purchase made via Locally 

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