Run a custom query

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Updated at September 14th, 2023

When you can't find report that fits your needs, you can request a custom report (called a query) from the Ascend support team.

The support tech will help figure out what kind of query we can create for you, what results should show, and if you need any prompts (such as a date range or vendor). Most requests are completed within 72 business hours.


To run a custom query, you need the user permission Allow Commands in SQL Window. 

Running a custom query

If you're being contacted by email, the support tech will attach the query in a Notepad document.

  1. Start by copying all the query text in the Notepad document.
  2. Select the Reports icon in Ascend.
  3. Click the SQL Query icon.
    Screenshot with the SQL Query highlighted
  4. In the top box, paste the query text.
  5. Click the Execute icon.
    Screenshot of the Execute icon highlighted
  6. If there is a prompt for the query, it will pop up now. Fill out the prompt and click OK.
    Screenshot of the Select Dates window with a date range and an OK button
  7. The results will display below.
    Screenshot of the SQL Query window

Saving a query to your Reports

After running the query in Ascend you can choose to save it in your Reports area.

  1. Select File > Save Query…
  2. Enter a name for your query.
    Screenshot of a pop up that says "Please enter a name for this query" with an OK button and a Cancel button
  3. Select OK to save the report.
  4. Click Back to return to the Reports page.
  5. Click Back one more time to exit the Reports window. Ascend needs to refresh your Reports and add the new one.
  6. Select the Reports icon to re-open the report page.
  7. Scroll down to My Queries on the left.
    Screenshot with the My Queries section highlighted
  8. The new report should show, and you can double-click it to run it.

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